Geriatrics Gaming White Paper

21,000,000 Total GG Tokens

Quest Pools:

Geriatrics Gaming will only ever have these three pools. None will be added or taken away.





5% for Dev Fund — Pre-Minted

5% Giveaways/Marketing — Pre-Minted

30% Viewer Retention -Pre-Minted into a Multi-Sig Wallet

60% Liquidity Farming


Approximate Date of Friday July 15, 2021

10% set aside for dev fee/giveaways is 2,100,000

90% released as rewards is 18,900,000

Release of tokens:

6,904.110 GG per day for liquidity farming over 5 years

1,726.0275 GG per day for viewership retention over 10 years


Geriatrics Gaming will be an integration with Twitch to allow streamers and viewers a place to build a solid social gaming community. Our goal with GG is to allow streamers that aren’t as well known a place to advertise themselves. The main page on the GG website will display the streamer(s) of the week. Said streamers will pay a fee in GG tokens to appear on our main page. Anyone that tunes into the stream on a verified Twitch account will earn GG tokens for their time. Every day, GG Tokens will be distributed based on (hours watched / total hours watched among all viewers * 1726.0275 GG Tokens).

Why 21 Million Cap?

We decided to go with 21 million coins in honor of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the reason we have crypto and we wouldn’t be here today without it. We also believe in a fair, open, and transparent system. Therefore, we will not be adding any multipliers ever. The same amount of coins will be distributed each and every day for 5 years. However, early adopters will have much less competition and will undoubtedly earn more tokens initially.

There are three ways to earn GG tokens.

  1. Provide liquidity to the guild quests
  2. Watch the streamer(s) of the week
  3. Participate in the community giveaways

Our Vision:

Geriatrics Gaming is much more than just a guild on LootSwap. We are assembling a team of streamers and focusing on the streaming industry. Think of teams like 100Thieves, TSM, Faze, or Team Liquid. Our goal is to bring quality streamers to a place where viewers will be able to watch and earn. Not only that, they’ll be able to tip GG tokens to their favorite streamers on the platform.

Eventually, we would like to integrate some form of token betting on the streams, similar to how Twitch does it with their channel points. There is a lot of research that will need to go into this. We have already contacted a lawyer who is looking into how this can be done. We will be sure to abide by state and federal laws associated with online gambling. For most states in the US, it is a complete gray area. There are however some states that do not allow online gambling. It will be each user’s responsibility to follow their own state’s laws.


The name Geriatrics Gaming comes from the idea that Clayford08 and his friends are “old”, in the gaming community. It’s a running joke that we’re all washed up players with families and kids of our own. You aren’t required to be older, to be on the streaming team. However, you must prove that you’re mature enough for the responsibility.

More information will be available soon. Any updates or future plans will be published in the LootSwap discord server.

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Geriatrics Gaming. LLC




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Geriatrics Gaming

Geriatrics Gaming

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